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Minds Can’t Fall in Love,

Only Hearts Can

A Guide to Emotional Connection




You want those closest to love you.  You want your colleagues and boss to love you.  You want your clients and customers to love you.

You can’t have that when you are stuck in your head – anxious, depressed, lonely, delusional, insecure and addicted.

This book plants your feet firmly in reality.  Kelly Niven takes us on the spiritual quest from the head to the heart.

Neither New Age delusion nor a quick fix, she tells us we must face our pain and work through the challenging process of growth.

Minds Can’t Fall in Love, Only Hearts Can, is simple to read with practical exercises to help you grow.  Avoid the pitfalls.  Avoid the emotional breakdowns.  Most importantly, avoid reliance on the mental health system.  You’ll get stuck.

Connect.  Fall in Love.



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